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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  January 11, 2010 9:00am-9:30am EST

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political fallout. republicans are calling for a key democratic leader to step down after comments he made are published in a new book. cleaning up the bay, the federal and local leaders meet to discuss ways to improve the health of the chesapeake. and pregnancy watch. zookeepers at the national zoo decide to step in and help the two pandas try to conceive. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is monday, january 11th, another cold day in the neighborhood. here's howard bernstein with an update on the forecast. >> reporter: yes, it is another cold day but let's look at the bigger picture. we have milder temperatures moving in and we will get 40s and 50s later in the week.
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it will feel that much better because we have had chilly temperatures for so long. pot are got moderate snow in eastern ohio. the clouds will increase and we could get a flurry or two tonight with snow showers. and then by wednesday we start to change things up. a brisk morning we had and that may be an under statement. culpeper 7. dulles 13. our low here in town was 21. 13 quantico and fredericksburg. ten for winchester and martinsburg and right now in the teens to mid-20s. 25 here in washington. we are going in the low to mid- 30s. more clouds this afternoon and maybe flurries. the good news is not too windy at all. speaking of good news, angie, do you have any? >> i do in the sense we don't have anything major going on right now. no major roads are closed at the time. but we want to start with video from earlier.
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this is crews out in mclean, virginia earlier. this water main break is something we see with cold temperatures like this. it sat the intersection of mcgarrity and griffith and they are taking away lanes as needed. a live shot. 395 northbound is still a slow ride. backing up here from the beltway to king street. i'm estimating that drive time at 15 minutes. keeping it moving, we have it bumper-to-bumper on 66 eastbound from 50 to the beltway. no incidents or accidents. that's not the situation going westbound at route 50. we are crash activity on the right shoulder. this is something new too. head over to maryland. 270 and shady grove road. an accident is adding to the delay that starts at 37 -- 370 and wrap up with a crash at tech road. andrea, losing the left lane. over to you. a new book about the 2008 presidential campaign is causing quite a lot of
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controversy. whit johnson has more. >> reporter: comments senator majority leader harry reid has republicans calling for his resignation, in a book hitting shelves today, the democrat describes president obama as an appealing candidate because he's "light skinned and has no negro dialect." senator reid apologized for the remark. but republicans see a double standard. >> republicans think they say can say these things and apologize. >> the president accepted the apology and seems toe me the matter should be closed. >> reporter: it is bad timing for the majority leader who's in the middle of health care reform and faces a difficult re- election bid. it is one of the book's
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bombshells. the authors contradict sarah palin's take on the campaign. they report mccain's aides were so ill dust you will illusioned with palin they planned to shrink the vice president's duties if they won. elizabeth edwards uses the word hick to describe her husband and they asked how many times is biden going to say something stupid after one of the vice president's notorious gaps. >> bankers are set to testify before congress about what caused the financial crisis. a special panel investigating the crisis will hold the first in a series of hearings. the heads of j.p. morgan chase, bank of america and goldman sax are testifying on wednesday and thursday. this week's hearings come as the big banks give out huge
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bonuses. the new york times reports this could be one of the largest and most controversial bonus seasons in history. goldman sax is expected to pay an average bonus of $595,000 each. one of the biggest payouts ever. a study of all the recent spending on road and bridge construction found it had no affect on unemployment. the associated press study found you can employment rates rose and fell regardless of how much stimulus money was used for transportation. the result of the study comes as president obama is calling for another stimulus bill which relies in part on more road and bridge spending. today leaders in the house and senate will meet to try to hammer out a compromise health care reform bill. the house version may wind up as a casualty of compromise. the president is scheduled to meet with leaders to stop attacks on high end insurance
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plans. today human rights activists will gather near the white house to protest the continued use of the guantanamo pay prison. they demand the president shut down the u.s. prison in cuba. the group opposes holding prisoners without charge or trial within the united states. after the group plans to march through downtown washington. today epa administrator lisa jackson will lead a discussion on cleaning up the chesapeake bay. he's she's appearing at the choose clean water conference that started yesterday and runs through tomorrow. this year they are focusing on president obama's order on the chesapeake renovation. and they are examining congressional efforts to clean up the bay. new this morning, police are trying to figure out how a 4-year-old wound up in the middle of edwards ferry road in leesburg, virginia. the little girl was found this morning near a gas station. the parents were unaware she left their home the middle of
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the night. police do not suspect foul play although the incident is under investigation. a mating attempt between pandas may have failed but pregnancy hopes are still alive at the national zoo. 9 news knew digital correspondent alex trevino is live with details. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. we know activities took place here at national zoo between two giant pandas over the weekend and they are being observed but they say competent mating did not hoe occur. the male tried his best over the weekend. >> the birds and bees commenced early this year for the pandas and there was a natural mating. >> but it may have fell short of fireworks in the sky. >> because believe it was a competent mating they performed an artificial insemination. >> reporter: a second one was performed on sunday morning. the female giant panda
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underwent nonsurgical insemination and it could take as long as four months to see if she become pregnant. >> a fertilized egg can float for some time before it implants and the fetus will grow at the very end. so we never really know until the last minute. >> reporter: a new addition is what panda lovers want to see. the giant panda's other only offspring, tai shan was born as a result of artificial insemination during the summer of 2005. live in northwest washington, alex trevino, 9 news now and >> local voters prepare to head to the poles and the detroit auto shoughs expected to be all about going green. we'll be right back. did you know that 75% of growing kids
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here's a look at some stories in the news. today the legal fight over same- sex marriage takes center stage in california. a federal judge will hear arguments and decide whether the ballot proposition would ban same-sex marriage violates the u.s. institution. the case is expected to wind up in the supreme court. the proceedings will be broadcast on taped delay over youtube. voters in southwest fairfax county head to the polls tomorrow to fill the state senate seat. marsden is taking on hunt to see who will fill the district 37th seat. the district stretches from
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springfield to centreville and includes chantilly, burke and west springfield. a college student accused of firing a rifle at one of his professors is due in court today. prosecutors say 20-year-old jason hamilton wash walk glad to a northern virginia community college last month and opened fire on a room full of students. he is charged with attempted murder and discharging a firearm in a school zone. police believe he was aiming at his professor. the 2010 detroit auto show gets underway today. it comes after a tumultuous year in the auto industry, especially in the u.s. this year the buzz is all about hybrids. toyota sen ford are expected to unveil new models. hopefully howard has something new in the forecast beside cold frigid weather. >> forget today and tomorrow. it will be cold and a flurry later today and tonight but wednesday is the first day of the thaw so to speak as temperatures will make it up probably to the middle 40s and
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i'm thinking warner than that on thursday and friday. for this afternoon, partly sunny to mostly cloudy. 32 to 37. southwest winds at five. maybe a couple of flurries -- flurries especially in the mountains. low dms the 20s with northwesterly winds at ten. tomorrow, any clouds in the morning will give way to sunshine. mid-30s for highs but the winds picking up from the northwest 10 to 15. keeping the chill around one more day before things change. clear skies and dry air and we had winds near calm in spots but to the west the clouds are building in with snow showers in ohio, pennsylvania and trying in the mountains to the west to spit a little bit. winchester up to 20. culpeper 14. we sit at 25. so does easton. fredericksburg, like winchester up to 20 degrees but single digits in a few spots and that's because the dew point is
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dry. the dry air loses a lot of heat. had we had snow pack we would have been close to zero or below in a lot of spots. we expect later tonight a system spinning through michigan. as this passes it will bring in one last shot of cold air before we turn the winds around and we get rid of the chill. here's the seven-day forecast, if it comes. here's the seven-day forecast with the front going away. 44 by wednesday. thursday and friday, sunny and around 50. the weekend, right now the system will be south and mid to upper 40s. >> one of the most powerful leaders on the hill senate majority leader harry reid is fighting for his political life this morning. meanwhile, on the republican side, michael steele is in hot water with his own party. with us is dc delegate eleanor holmes norton. thanks for joining us. let's get your take. rnc chair steele says it is a
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double standard. reid criticized trent lott severely for saying america would have been better if strom thurmond was elected in 1948. is he wrong? >> imagine the difference strom thurmond was crazy to the high hilt the segregationist of our time. harry reid, a strange remark. thought he was doing the opposite. the president accepted his apology and i'm am hundred almost certain harry reid has earned it. he everyoned it with a lifetime a rating from the naacp. he earned it when he worked with me and other members of the black caucus to keep judges that would roll back our rights from getting on the federal bench and he's earning it as i speak with health care where he pulled off a miracle.
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trent lott had no credibility to stand there and remain in his position when his party was trying to attract blacks. harry reid has credibility because he has done so much for blacks. >> reporter: let's talk about issues that are of particular interest in the district. will the district get a vote in the house in 2010? >> it is going as planned. we had the big three in 2009 got rid of the three appropriation riders. the one on needle exchange and reproductive choice for low- income women and medical marijuana all of which we couldn't spend our own money on. the big three for 2010 is voting rights, then budget economy for the district of columbia. so the budget never has to come to autonomy at all.
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and legislation autonomy so we don't have to go through what we are going through now which is waiting 30 days to see whether the same-sex marriage bill will become law. look, if the district says something is law, the congress should have nothing to say about it if you believe in home rule. you can't believe in home rule with some things and not other. legislative autonomy would have that where the bill is passed and it is already law. we are on the countdown. 30 legislative days beginning tomorrow. because congress comes back in to session tomorrow. >> reporter: one other issue to try to get to. you have been to guantanamo bay. the closing of gitmo. the president says right now he is not going to close it and we have protesters who is saying this is rolling back on some of his promises. give opinion what happened on christmas day, the suspected bomber and he admitted that al- qaeda is training scores more
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to come and attack the united states, shouldn't we keep gitmo open and keep those terror suspects there away from u.s. soil? >> the president is doing it just right. i have been to gitmo twice. we need to close the place down. it is a major recruiting tool for al-qaeda. however, you don't want to close it down and give al-qaeda a gift. so what he is doing is to go a little slower on a campaign promise that some of us would like but we always have to account for intervening circumstances. most of these men are from yemen. to put them in the same place before we secure yemen and up security there would cause an attack on the united states of america. here where we were attacked in the national capital region i think we would agree close it but go slow and make sure you close it ultimately. we should not give the
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president a time limit. he shouldn't have given himself a time limit. >> reporter: are you worried the balance of power will shift in 2010? >> i'm not considering the alternative. it is impossible to believe our base would rather see republicans in power, or worse, and this could happen this way, stay at home so republicans could take power. we have to get our folks out and we will be fine. >> good to have you with us. >> always a pleasure. >> we'll be right back.
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new gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. i'm peggy fox with moms like the monday spotlight. we are here two weeks in to 2010 and the question today is how to keep your new year's resolution, especially if it has to getting fit. and with us a dietitian and editor of washington family magazine. how do we keep the resolutions? we have great intentions, get fit and exercise every day and then reality hits. didn't get enough sleep or whatever your kid is sick. what do you recommend. >> first thing is you have to keep yourself aware and the best thing to keep yourself aware, use a blackberry, notebook but write down, if you are talking about weight loss
9:23 am
write down what you eat. >> we have a full screen and tips to show you. you say if you keep these three things, what will happen. >> you will be successful. the reason why is keeping a food log you are aware and eating breakfast, you feel your brain has more energy to think of what you need to do. >> reporter: and exercise 60 minutes of day. >> that's what the government recommends, 60 minutes a day. which really once you start exercise is self fulfilling, you want to do it more and that's important for weight loss. >> reporter: it feels good. get a little notebook dollar. >> or use your blackberry or post its work. and the reason you are going to do it is awareness. >> should you do it the same time every day. >> the same time every day but you have to write down and don't skip. >> what you eat. >> but even if you are trying to change which your finances are, keeping track of what you are doing is number one. >> those holiday cooks, probably not going to keep them
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if you know you are going to have to write it down. why is the bag of spinach for. >> because breakfast fuels your brain. >> spinach? >> in an omelet. cereal and it is about eating a great breakfast. you will have more energy to exercise and keep your commitments. >> i know a lot of people who drink coffee. >> no. >> what happens when you drink coffee is your blood sugar gets erratic and then the doughnut comes think the break room, and you eat it and the cycle starts again. good food in the morning helps throughout the day. >> tennis shoes, exercise. it doesn't take a lot. throw them in the car, throw a couple of weights in your desk drawer. >> she will go more indepth with us at our meet up at the mclean commons. go to
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we will have the information on there wednesday at 10:30. if you can make it is only an hour. you have written a book as well about how to keep your kids healthy. it is very cute. bring your kids if they are not in school and we will see you on wednesday. we'll be right back after this.
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here's what is on tap for the rest of the week on 9 news now at 9:00 a.m., there are really signs of economic recovery? really? jim mctague weighs in on that. and dc council chair invent gray will be here and on friday mind over money. 50 degrees on thursday and friday. it will feel warmer than that because we have been so cold but the week is looking mild and in the 40s. >> just in time for me to go on
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vacation. ugh. >> we will see about it on facebook. >> dominican republic. >> that's it. she will be here tomorrow, though. that's it for 9 news now
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